When do I get which Item - A reference

Hi, because there are a lot of posts about this topic, I decided to go through each level and see when which Item is unlocked. I’ll try to keep this list as complete as possible. Please give me a few days after new levels are out. (Level # is a straight “minimum” count, order is occasionally rearranged so don’t hold the number as complete gospel truth.)

ATTENTION: Sometimes the game decides to not award an item, despite telling you something else! If you’re missing an item, replay the level at least once (!), before posting in the forum! It usually works at least in the second try.

Kithgard Dungeon

  • Level 1 - Dungeons of Kithgard
  • Simple Boots - Command: move[Down|Left|Right|Up]
  • Leather Belt - Health +5
  • Level 5.1 - Forgetful Gemsmith
  • Simple Sword - 6 Damage (12 DPS), Command: attack
  • Level 6 - The Raised Sword
  • Programmaticon 1 - Skills: loop
  • Level 9 - The second Kithmaze
  • Faux Fur Hat - Health +8
  • Level 11 - Known Enemies
  • Crude Glasses - Command: findNearestEnemy
  • Level 14 - Closing the Distance
  • Wooden Shield - Health +15
  • Level 16 - The final Kithmaze
  • Crude Builder’s Hammer - Command: buildXY, buildTypes
  • Subscriber Level - Robot Ragnarok (A limited time offer, which has expired.)
    • Wyvernclaw - 17.06 Damage (38.1 DPS), Command: attack, attackDamage, cast(“summon-fangrider”)

Backwoods Forest

  • Level 1 - Defense of Plainwood
  • Leather Boots - Speed +2m/s, Command: moveXY
  • Level 2 - Winding Trail
  • Programmaticon 2 - Skills: if/else, loop
  • Level 4.1 - Lost Viking
    (just because you can access it, doesn’t mean you can complete it…)
  • Viking Helmet - Health +50, Bash Mass x3
  • Level 8 - Ogre Encampment
  • Sundial Wristwatch - Command: isReady
  • Long Sword - 27.62 Damage (28 DPS), Command: attack, cleave
  • Level 9 - Woodland Cleaver
  • Bronze Shield - Health +33, Blocks 25%, Command: shield
  • Level 10 - Shield Rush
  • Wooden Glasses - Range +5m, Commands: distanceTo, findNearestEnemy, findNearestItem
  • Level 12 - Munchkin Swarm
  • Basic Flags - Commands: findFlag, pickUpFlag
  • Subscriber Level - Apocalypse (A limited time offer, which has expired.)
  • Master Sword - 115.96 Damage (161.5 DPS), Command: attack, attackDamage, cleave

Sarven Desert

  • Level 5 - Medical Attention

  • Programmaticon 3 - Skills: if/else, loop, while

  • Level 16 - Clash of Clones

  • Programmaticon 4 - Skills: for-loop, functions, objects

  • Subscriber Level - Yak Rampage (A limited time offer, which has expired.)

    • Tauran Helm - 336 HP 10 HP Regen/Second
    • Tauran Plate - 673 HP 20 HP Regen/Second

Cloudrip Mountain

  • Level 3 - Ogre Gorge Gouger
  • Boss Star 1 - Commands: command, commandableMethods, commandableTypes, costOf, summon
    • provides 20 Gold at the level start and 0.5 income per second
  • Level 11 - The Two Flowers
  • Ring of Flowers - Pretty wildflowers grow wherever you walk. Commands: toggleFlowers, setFlowerColor.
  • Level 12 - The Geometry of Flowers
  • Boss Star 2 - Commands: command, commandableMethods, commandableTypes, costOf, summon
    • provides 40 Gold at the level start and 1 income per second
  • Level 17 - Mixed Unit Tactics
  • Boss Star 3 - Commands: command, commandableMethods, commandableTypes, costOf, summon
    • provides 60 Gold at the level start and 2 income per second
  • Level 21 - Summit’s Gate
  • Programmaticon 5 - Skills: Full - Vector, Math, String, Function, Array, and Object APIs

Kelvintaph Glacier

  • Kelvintaph Defiler
  • Boss Star 4 - Commands: command, commandableMethods, commandableTypes, costOf, summon
    • provides 80 Gold at the level start and 4 income per second

… in progress: pets, higher level boss stars, maybe higher level builder’s hammers


Thanks to Feinty for contributing to this list.
Thanks to evesnakeseo for contributing to this list.
Thanks to Oscha for contributing to this list.


for some reason I can’t get the loop III book help plz


Have you succesfully finished Medical Attention?

If not, beat it. You will receive the item at the end of the level, after you finished it.

If yes, there seems to be an issue that sometimes items are not correctly awarded. Try to beat the level again. If you see that you have been awarded the item, but it does not appear in your inventory, open an issue at the github-page of CodeCombat.


Out of curiosity as a discourse guy, why would you reserve that post if you can simply edit the topic?


I don’t know for discourse, but usually forums have a maximum-post-length. As this list has the potential for breaking a hypothetical length-limit, I went sure.
If you can assure me that is not the case, I can delete this post.

And, just in case there is information not directly related to the list, but still on-topic, I have a post to edit it in.


JFBM you get the option to buy Hushbam the librarian after the level arcane ally you get the option to buy Amara Arrowhead the ninja after munchkin harvest


Could you also please note, in the list, that Munchkin Harvest and Arcane Ally are Subscriber Only levels? :slight_smile:


That’s why it says Bonus level on it. But I change it to make it clearer.


Awesome! Thank you :slight_smile: It does make it clearer!


Hmm… Strange/ I win this level twice - once when I play first, second try and win after read this post, but i hasnt get any new kind of Hero. Any wizards or any another hero(( I tell more - why I look in hero change options i dont look Omar Brewstone at Rich Forager but look this hero wins after wins at “Minesweeper” level


Thanks, apparently all Hero unlocks have been moved to subscriber-levels.


In the desert, the game starts requiring you to buy certain items which you have not been previously awarded.
A. Does a superior item (which has all the functions and more) meet the requirement?
B. If not, should we also make a list of level item requirements?


Better item should be fine unless it is on the “Restricted” list.


As far as I know, a better item has never been restricted when a lower item was working.
It can be that old code will not work with newer equipment, but the changes are mostly minor. For example the first glasses use this.findNearestEnemy(), while the latter glasses don’t have this command anymore. They use this.findNearest(this.findEnemies()) instead.

While I thought about a requirement-list, it would simply blow the scale. Every level has some requirements and restrictions, and with over 100 levels already existing this is nowhere possible to maintain, also because these requirements shift and change all the time. Recently the BossStar 1 has been released, which is now already banned in all *** Treasure-Levels. Just as example.


The Two Flowers grants Ring of Flowers
The Geometry of Flowers grants Boss Star II
[Edit: added, thanks!]


@J_F_B_M: In fact, in Misty Island Mine, Boss Star III is restricted, but Boss Star II works.


Hi I would recommend you to try and complete the levels 100% to get the items.


Technically, you have to complete the levels 100% to get the items.