Which one are you going to choose? [polls]


I think it is fan made XD

  • ur mom
  • your mom
  • uRmOm
  • yOuRmOm

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What do you guys want for christmas. :christmas_tree::christmas_tree::christmas_tree:


Time. I want more time.


Time is money XD
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Money for a Geforce RTX 2080 Ti and a HCT Vive (Saving for it rn)


Why the hell?
Does it have the same story?


Any one have a gaming computer.

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  • no

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Some of the computers at my house are quite powerful - plenty fast enough to run games - but no one in my house plays games. I do have one machine with a flight simulator though with a super high quality graphics card.


I just have an apple macBookPro that I had for a few years so it is getting old, but I am getting a MSI desktop for christmas.


Do you have a VR for the flight simulator?


No, I just have a 32" monitor that I use. I have a friend who is a certified flight instructor and he says the simulator is as close to real flight as you can get. It even has the jet propulsion package so I can fly fighter jets.


Thats cool!
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My wife and I compete to see how high we can get. She has beat me and occasionally breaks out of the earth’s atmosphere into outer space. I get close but have never made it that high.


How do you even make it in outer space?


You can see the layer of air as you leave into orbit. Then the engine stalls from lack of oxygen and you plummet back to earth. Once back into the atmosphere, you reignite the engines. She usually goes straight down at full throttle and then once she attains maximum velocity, suddenly pulls up hard and tries to break the wings off.

The airports are real airports from around the world and I’ve even landed at the space shuttle landing strip at Kennedy Space Center. I like to land in military bases until security comes to get me then take off again.


Can you make it to any planets or something.


How would the jet survive? It would most likely freeze up and you would come crashing down.
As you just said it would stall from lack of oxygen


No, once you leave the atmosphere the engines shut down. Since there’s not lateral movement, you can’t maintain orbit and just come back down.


Upon reentry, the friction from the air heats things up really quick.