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Are there states you can travel to? Or is it just a random plain land?


Ok that makes sense, I’m gussing you were not high enough to freeze or as you said, not still enough before friction heated the jet back up.


Yes, you can travel to anywhere and the airports are positioned like and look like the actual, real airport in that location. I’ve even landed on the highways around where I live. All the roads are simulated as well as rivers, islands, mountains, etc.


Military jets don’t freeze up. They are designed to be operated in all conditions. Lack of air is the only problem.


Have you went to disneyland? In the airplane?


Also how did it not burn up(Argon Plasma is 30,000 F or 16922.039 k)
Thank the google converter :joy:


No, but it’s not far from my “home” airport, which in real life is just a few miles from my house. I’ve never been to disney (in the flight simulator) but it’s only about 40-50 miles from where I live. I could do a really, really low flyby just for fun. I have landed and taken off again at Orlando airport.


Can you crash into things and knock them over?


I’ve clipped tree tops, but if you hit too hard or low on a tree you will crash. I’ve flown passenger jets (airbuses) at 15-20 foot altitudes for periods of time just to see how low I can go without crashing.


That would be fun if your plane didn’t explode in the process But Really fun if you didn’t explode

Ps. On a app(Kinda realistic) i got to 7 feet


Wont you get hypoxia from flying too high?


IRL, military jets have oxygen for the pilots but it isn’t a factor in the simulator.


Also, I forgot to ask but what was the altitude?


I forget. I’m usually looking at the line of the atmosphere anyway, not the altimeter. I’ll take note next time she does it.


Think you,

I thought it might burn up


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