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Which one are you going to choose? [polls]


I read last week that the entire movie project was shelved and there won’t be a minecraft movie now.


Reallyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy NOOO this very bad news


Oh my gosh NOOOOOOO!!


Just kidding. LOL. I have no idea. Your mention is the first I’ve heard of it. According to, it’s scheduled for release this year.


Yay you scared me for a sec but thank goodness


On imdb, it says it’s scheduled for release on May 22, but they don’t seem to even have a trailer yet so I wouldn’t bet on that date.

BTW, this is my 1000th post on CoCo discourse. \o/ Woot!


Happy one thousandth m8


Should i keep this picture or change it back orrrrrrr get a whole different one


I don’t know.
(20 charizards)


For a self proclaimed weaboo, it’s perfect. :slightly_smiling_face:


Lol thanks for the responses


Never noticed that I even had over 1.2k posts






Irritated me in the first place

thought it was only one vote per user


Rip (20 19 is da year)


you can make it one vote per user, or multiple votes


Which One?:grin:

  • DC legends of tomorrow
  • The Flash
  • Supergirl
  • Black Lightning

0 voters


Heres the big question
Which one

  • Dc
  • Marvel
  • Other
  • None because i dont read or watch either

0 voters


Marvel is the BEST its heroes don’t have gruesome backstories like Dc