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Which one are you going to choose? [polls]


lol xd (20 caracter)


I know you can make both multi and singe vote.

  • 1910 and below
  • 20’s music
  • 30’s music
  • 40’s music
  • 50’s music
  • 60’s music
  • 70’s music
  • 80’s music
  • 90’s music
  • 2000 and beyond

0 voters


when you finnaly beat backwoods forest


Heres meh person


You forgot to put spiderman far from home. Thats right the trailer came out.


I’m back guys :DD
20 charz

  • Gameboy
  • Computer
  • 3Ds
  • Nintendo switch
  • Game cube
  • N.E.S (Nintendo Entertainment System)
  • Ps4
  • Xbox
  • Other

0 voters


YES :smile::smile::smile:


i just noticed I’m the only girl here lol… i think so haha


My daughter has an account here. Personally, I don’t ever even wonder if someone is a boy or girl. I just treat everyone the same.


I very much agree to that


I changed my name and my profile card backround UwU :3

oh and if u want to talk to me on discord Pm me … -_-


Talk about what?
(20’s music also not bad)


920 yeeeeeetssss


I dont know whatever i guess ill go back into the best corner of my house


Why pick side when it comes to video games and tv shows why not have the best of both worlds

Tho when it comes to Football VS any other sport I’d choose Football :sunglasses: #2savageforyou


again PLZ don’t hate me for not choosing favorites :sweat_smile::sweat_smile::cold_sweat::cold_sweat:


hear is my guy I know that I suck though I am trying to save up for the ruin sword


I would not buy the Runesword, it may have a very high damage(228), but it only has a 192 dsp so it hit speed is very slow.