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Which one are you going to choose? [polls]


ya but my health and armor are through the roof but i have very low damage


and compared to the other swords i’ve seen it dose have very high dps


Great sword is good, and more affordable.


Or edge of Darkness.


how much is the great sword


1100 gems.
(20 chars)


(no cursing allowed) I only have 104 gems ore something like that


Until you can afford something like the sword of the forgotten(3800) or the of the temple guard(4800), I agree with Deadpool198 on this. The Greatsword is very good. Darksteel and Claymore are also good.


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Sorry that did not make sense :rofl::rofl:


I ment I only have 104 or more gems


LOL IKR why do you take sow long to respond?


no off fence i dont mean to be mean


Multitasking right now.


oh that makes sense thow so am i because im eating lunch right now


No, you were typing when you said



REALY 20 chartors :rage::rage:


Yessssssssssssssssss i am back


i meant that im angry that you came back and then left and then came back again

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