Which one are you going to choose? [polls]


Nice :wink:
(20 Birthdays)

  • Jump off the Empire state building and live
  • Jump off the Eiffel Tower and live

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MMmmmmmmm, caaaaaaaaake. Nom, nom, nom, nom,…



Lol thats funny :joy::joy:


Image result for hamster eating cake gif


My eyes are bleeding

Just kidding


Me before the party


From where is this picture even, i dont remember it in the movie


It is from Frozen 2
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@MunkeyShynes Is that an actual hamster eating cake or is it fake?


There’s a 2 of this crap? Why


Wait never mind it is from frozen fever


How much do you like Frozen (All parts)

  • I love it
  • I like it
  • Its okey
  • Its boring
  • I hate it
  • I want to die (if i have to watch it)

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So they came out with 1 frozen movie then they came out with an 8 min frozen movie and now they are making frozen 2 coming 2019 XD


Preparing DDoS attack for 2019


How good was the Lego Movie

  • I love it
  • It was funny
  • It was good
  • It was okay
  • It was boring
  • I hate it
  • I want to die

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Image result for lego movie gif


You miss the I want to die Option


I dunno. It looks real. My brother used to have a hamster and I know they’ll eat just about anything and stuff themselves like pigs if you let them.


Oh ok.
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