Which one are you going to choose? [polls]


watch if you dare it is really annoying.


It looks already annoying xD


It sounds a LOT worse than it looks.


Wear headphones put it max volume.


No dont do that lol XD

  • minecraft
  • roblox

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camel in the mountains


you addd it? 20


looooool ( that’s pretty 20 charactin cool)

  • I recently started codecombat
  • I started last year
  • I started 2 years back, before when the pets were there.
  • I started 3> years back.

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Realy? Thats not a good fake.

I dont think pender has anything to do with that


I have a pet shark. He follows me around and if ogres get too close he eats them.



Lol that’s funny XD :rofl:


@MunkeyShynes How did you do that??


I bought it for 6500 gems. When you see him chew up and gulp down ogres, it’s worth every penny.

Or it may have just been shopped using MS Paint. I can’t remember. :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:


Oh lol, @MunkeyShynes can you help me with my code in Grim determination.


Tharins face :rofl:


‘RAGE’ ‘GIVE ME MONEY BACK’ pender summons a burl and skeleton.
Tharin brings a yeti
pender leaves with the money(or, gems)



LOL. Anger issues for sure.