Why do you drain life when you cast summon undead? (bug?)

Why? It sometimes drains your life 3 health per sec and in this case, it drains you 8 health per sec.
bug. Edit: nevermind the summon burl is draining you 8 health per sec. the summon undead is draining you 3 health per sec. Second edit: summon undead also drains your life by 8 health per sec.

And why the gif document that I uploaded doesn’t work?

what do you mean it doesn’t show something like an gif

Really? I’ve never found that. Are you sure it’s not something else? Is your pet attacking you (that’s where they but their head into you for some reason, and you lose life). No loss of life is documented.
Maybe you should try it in an simple environment like the forest flower grove, without a pet or any equipment (except the vine staff and the tome of the undead) and see what happens to your health so you can find out if the summoning is really the cause.

i have done summon Undead and I never lost any health

@Code_Master : why the gif document that I uploaded doesn’t work?
To be uploaded the gif must be less than 4MB. What application have you used to create it?

I think your pet is attacking you this happens a lot with raise-dead

espeically cougar (21 charactat)

Click on pictures if you don’t see the animation
While summoning without a pet no health is lost:

While summoning with a “free” pet: cougar, raven, wolf - they all attack you:

While summoning with a “paid” pet: rat, griffin, fox, pugicorn they don’t attack you:

If you don’t want to be attacked you can write your own onSpawn() function to put in pet.on(“spawn”, onSpawn):

All pets are equal , but some pets are more equal than others .
Animal Farm, George Orwell


Thanks! I got it and the gif doument was 20MB…

Guys got to go won’t be here today soccer tournament

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