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Why is there a level called "Dance off" in the mountains?


Why is there a level called “Dance off” in the mountains when “cloudrip” mountain is not released?


The skeletons for the mountain-levels are all already present (I was there when Nick created them, he spammed the chat quite a lot).

Apparently, one of these skeletons has now been filled, and will most likely be published to Adventurers. Every wednesday, 5 new levels are playable, and it looks like we’re about to enter the mountains.

The symbol for this level is already visible, which can either be a teaser or an unintended reveal. Either way, I’m sure we will soon face some new threats (and threads).


Right; we have designed the first bunch of mountain levels, but we haven’t built any yet. We are focusing on extending some more levels over earlier parts of the campaigns where a lot of players are struggling with the concepts for now. Mountain stuff coming soon, but not this week yet! (There are going to be some really fun things in the mountain…)


Will there be a programingation 4?


Haha, we’ll be teaching you new Roman numerals you’ve never heard of before we’re through with those…


I know over CCI roman numerals


Can I just be the first to say, Dance-Off might be my new favorite level! It gave me a little burst of happiness to see all the warriors dancing around in perfect synchronization. Thanks.

Also, I only know roman numerals through XLII…


Wow, yous guys are awesome, I only know VII roman numerals…

I,V,X,L,C,D, and M . . . but I’d be happy to learn these other ones you speak of (assuming of course they are “official”).


I agree with @Mr_Berg. It’s a very nice and positive level. A good alternative to smash different kinds of foes :slight_smile: