Why not have an option to create your own character?

Why can’t we have an option to create our own character? It would help us learn more code (you’d have to code your own hero) and it could also help us associate and get more out of the game! If you made your own hero, you could include new powers such as an Animal Army (wizard), Triple Shot (ranger) or Ground Pound (warrior). You could also be able to personalize your character, as well. Wouldn’t that be better than just having set characters?



Well triple shot(scattershot in the game) is taken and Ground Pound is like Stomp from Okar, but it’ll be cool to make them, but there is one problem, it might be coded to be too OP which is bad because we don’t want this to happen:

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Those are just examples.

You should have a set number of health that you can add to your hero