Will the Level 66 Items Remain through Release?

I have obtained level 66 items but they all appear to be incomplete and generally have the abilities of the best item in that category. When they are actually relesed will I own the complete item or another item with a different Thang.

Well, in the end, all of these items will be complete, and you’ll receive the complete version of the item upon release. I haven’t worked on any new abilities since Omarn’s Brew. I’ve been working with Nick in getting the Blazing Battle ladder ready for release(ie. documentation, etc.) It’s coming next week for CS1 students, so all of my focus is on Blazing Battle atm. After that though, I’ll try creating some nice abilities. You’ll see soon :slight_smile:

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Thanks! So will I keep my level 66 items that I have and will they gain the abilities?

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Yup. Once the abilities are added you’ll be able to use the updated versions.

Nice! Thank you! (20)

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How do you get those items? Don’t you have to use hacks.


Yeah, how did you get them?

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Nope :slight_smile: Pm me for howw to get them

This can be closed now @Chaboi_3000

@QinWentian hey there, please do not share exploits.

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