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Witch pairs are overpowered

So, in Toil and Trouble, the witches have the ability to heal one hundred health every second. As a witch has 120 health, this is enough to almost fully heal each witch. And, as the witches can heal each other, this makes for a pair of overpowered witches. I find that the five lines of soldiers often split up like this:

with seven soldiers attacking the top witch, and ten attacking the bottom. Each soldier does 12 damage every second. So, assuming all soldiers are in range to attack the witches, the top witch (from hereon being referred to by her name, Vyrryx) will sustain 12 • 7 = 84 damage per second. The bottom witch (from hereon being referred to by her name, Vyrryx 1), will sustain 12 • 10 = 120 damage per second, which is enough to kill her, so, theoretically, given one second, Vyrryx 1 should die. In theory.

In reality, what happens is that usually one soldier is killed of from each group, and the witches heal each other before they can die. This wouldn’t be a problem-the soldier’s attacks should slowly wear them down, no matter how fast or how much they can heal. However, witches can attack between healings, usually once. This attack deals splash damage, and while I don’t know how much, the direct target of these attacks sustain 40 damage. And since the soldiers are rather far away, the witches can insert ~5 attacks before the first soldiers of each group come within range to attack. This not only will kill at least one soldier, but will also soften surrounding soldiers up as well for the ogres to beat up. Then, once the soldiers reach the witches, it’s the same situation, except the soldiers are much more bunched together, which makes the splash damage more effective. Between the attacks, the ogres, and the healing, this level seems nigh on impossible.

I’m also at a standstill on this level, for similar reasons.

Have you tried letting the archers prioritize the witches after they kill the throwers? That seemed to work for me. (Maybe the guide should be updated in this case, then.)

Though I wonder what caused the change in the level…

See the other thread – I fixed it.