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Witch should I get, Illia Shieldsmith, or Okar Stompfoot?

I am planning to save my gems for Illia or Okar, but witch should I get?

I think Illia would be better because she has more abilities than Okar. But that’s just my opinion.


thanks Lydia !(20 chars)

who do you like the best
Naria or amara

also how do you do the voting thing

what hero do you like better
  • Illia sieldsmith
  • Okar stopfoot

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I like Naria best, cause she has abilities and Amara doesn’t. And Amara, you can only use when you’re a sub, if your sub ends, you can’t use Amara anymore.

This is how you insert a poll.

Click build poll
And then fill out this form


Which one?
  • Naria
  • Amara
  • Senick
  • Zana
  • Ritic

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hehe. everyone like ritic

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I mean, Ritic has all these cool abilities. But he costs a lot.

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I HAVE RITIC!!! hoorayyyyyyyyyyy!!!

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Congrats! Unfortunatly I still don’t have Ritic, because I spent all of my gems on useless stuff.

you can always get lifetime subscription.

you get 42000 gems (20 chars)

43000(20 chaaaaaars)

I have Ritic as well

good job!!!(20 Cheetos that are yum yum)

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thanks for info @Code_Master !!!

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also i know i am posting about ritic the cold as well but this was for Okar Stompfoot and Illia Shieldsmith