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Witch should I get, Illia Shieldsmith, or Okar Stompfoot?

you ran into da bug 2 years ago tho…

@riticmaster9087 no? The scores are just messed up.

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ok @Chaboi_3000 (20 chaaaaaars)

also @Lydia_Song the ball you can shoot multiple at a time is called boom ball

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Yes, thank you.

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also I know this is sorta off topic but will you get the gems you spent but got from subscriptions when you reset progress???

and paid ones(20 chars)

I reseted right now!!!

this is my armour

trying 2 get sparkbomb

thank you @cheddarcheese

my new armor!!!


wait what doesn’t ritic cost 21k how did u get it just when u reseted

also for the title shouldn’t It be “which” not “witch”

because of lifetime sub gems

also ritic costs 29k shiver costs 21k

Shiver costs 21k, not 2k.

thanks @Chaboi_3000 I fixed it

bruh I’ve been thinking its 21k for so long

happy almost 100th comment!!!