Working as a programmer

Hi there i have a question:

If I want to work as a programmer do I have to study it and make a Master Certificate or is there also the option to just learn programming on my on and get after a while a job because of my programming skills?

Maybe somebody knows. I am looking forward for an answer.

all the best,

im a pro grammer, wanna see a game i made?

Welcome to the forum @Surtur. I only do programming for fun, so I really don’t know about programming jobs, but I think some of the jobs require a bachelor’s degree.

Cool, I always wanted to try making a game.So, what game did you make?

i did a robot drawing game

wock sisor apaper game

What programming language did you use?(I use Python)

i used python too!!!

Yes please! Wanna see what you did :smiley:

@Blaze_Fire1 I use Python as well


hero.say("Python is my favorite programming language.")
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Global varibles
print("My laptop is broken")