Zero sum chalange with a TwISt

Zero Sum chalange. BUT you are only allowed to use 1 units and are only allowed to use the goldstorm spell. Join here! winner will get 10 free likes on discourse. ENDS: 8/10/2022 (my birthday )

edit: realized 1 unit was not enough. u can now use up to 2 units. (code must be 100 lines or shorter)
edit no 2: if u only use 1 unit, u can use 1 more spell.

join here:CodeCombat - Coding games to learn Python and JavaScript

Can I participate with alt? (My main is top 10 and I don’t want to lose the points)
Btw, is it allowed

to do so? I’m not sure

I will just like 10 of their posts

btw peter, dont worry, its on a copy of zero sum i made.

i think my main strat is already really similar to that lol

griffin-rider spam + goldstorm + fear


Is it also a rule? If yes, my strategy is ruined…
Also, can I use mana-blast?

yes mana blast is a abbility, not a spell (reset cooldown is also a abbility :slight_smile: )


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(so augest 10th 2022

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