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Adventurers playtest new levels first, discussing how they can be made more awesome--if they survive.


Artisans create new levels with the level editor, scheming on the forum on how to make dastardly scenarios to challenge other Wizards.


Archmages hack on CodeCombat itself: its level editor Components, its sub-projects Treema and Aether, and the main CodeCombat game code.


Scribes write articles explaining the lore and wizardry of programming for CodeCombat's Wizards.


Diplomats help translate the site, the game's levels, articles, and the audio into non-English languages. Use this category to discuss i18n and l10n.


Ambassadors help other Wizards figure things out, wherever problems arise: in-game multiplayer, live chat, on the forums, through support email, or in their local communities.


If you can, it'd be awesome to post bugs in the GitHub issues instead of here, but if you want to discuss a bug more, then you can post bugs here in this Bugs category. If they're bugs in particular levels, look for threads on those levels already. If you have time, please make your bug report super great!


Had a question or did you report a bug? That's great, we're here to help you with whatever problem you encounter. This category can be used to mark the topics of these problems once they are resolved. This way other people know it as well.


Using CodeCombat in your classroom? Talk teaching tactics, confer CodeCombat curricula, share student success strategies, ask for administrative answers, and generally conspire on how to make CodeCombat awesome for you and your students.

Level Help

If you want to get help with a solution on a level that you’re struggling with, post here for community support to help debug with you. Tell us what level it is, post your code correctly, and describe clearly what’s happening that you didn’t expect, and if there’s any error message when running the code, please clearly state what it says and what line it’s on.