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[Guide] Using the Boss Star 22 October 5, 2019
CoCo Level Contest!

What is it? Artisans, it’s time to show off your awesome skills by participating in this contest! Who will be the ultimate winner of this contest! Anyone may join! Prizes 1st place: Gets the Ambidextrous Artisan title…

8 September 16, 2019
Official Clan List 119 July 15, 2019
Frequently Asked Questions

What is CodeCombat? CodeCombat is a coding game that uses real typed code and personalized learning to teach computer science with no teacher training needed. What ages are appropriate for CodeCombat? CodeCombat is reco…

1 April 17, 2019
Welcome to CodeCombat Discourse Forums!

Welcome! New users, welcome to codecombat discourse! As you know, this place is where you can ask for help, get hints on levels, share experiences that you had while playing codecombat, reporting bugs, etc.! Feel free t…

1 August 16, 2018
[Essentials] How To Post/Format Your Code Correctly

Formatting your code before posting code is essential to our community, and if you don’t we might not be able to help :frowning: Everyone must know how to format ALL of your code properly. It’s really easy and only req…

2 March 28, 2019
Survey: Big Survey of the Year

Survey of the year Hello fellow members! Please take the survey below. The information we get is essential! Thanks!

1 March 21, 2019
Codecombat discord!

For those who want to share memes and talk about really random stuff. Here’s the best place to do it! Right here, you’ll get to talk about any random stuff without having to disturb anyone else in the forum. The discord …

1 September 1, 2018
Please help me with one lvl "Deja Brew" 3 November 20, 2019
Need help on Clash Of Clones ASAP 7 November 20, 2019
Where can I find the rules? 7 November 20, 2019
How do I complete Clash of Clones? 24 November 19, 2019
[Adventurer] If-stravaganza 7 November 19, 2019
[SOLVED] Zoo keeper help? 3 November 19, 2019
What to save up for, whats good? 6 November 19, 2019
[SOLVED] Help on Kelvintalph Defiler 5 November 19, 2019
Mountain mercenaries Level help [SOLVED] 4 November 19, 2019
Stillness in Motion Python 16 November 19, 2019
Walkthrough? i m stuck 10 November 18, 2019
Stuck on Wizards plane using python coding 6 November 18, 2019
Task failed successfully? 4 November 18, 2019
Clash of clones please help 13 November 18, 2019
Combat Code evo 2 November 17, 2019
CLOUD RIP MOUNTAIN: "Timber Guard" (Python) 3 November 17, 2019
Razorfray challenges 3 November 17, 2019
[SOLVED] Chain-lightning help 3 November 16, 2019
[SOLVED] Help with Reaping Fire please! (python) 10 November 15, 2019
Code magically worked after I subscribed 3 November 15, 2019
[SOLVED] Is codecombat broken? 10 November 14, 2019
CodeCombat is still broken 3 November 14, 2019