[Adventurer] Pender's Trial

Pender’s Trial is now released in the campaign! Command your peasants to collect gold while summoning units to defend your hero. Are you able to pass the exam?

Pender’s Trial


Pretty fun. Not very hard though, because I used to be a subscriber, and I just spammed burls and skellys, made the peasant get money, and commanded soldiers and archers to attack. Very glitchy though.
Fun level, good job dev.


wait, wasn’t this already in the campaign? cause I remember doing this lvl, ooooor it might be a game tester lvl before and I played it?

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Well this was a level before but it was not it the Campaign.

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Can you clarify about what is “glitchy”?

The level was “public” a while ago, but it wasn’t part of any campaign and didn’t reward any gems/xp.


it does not allow to start … seems until you will have star III.
Very strange.
Will check once I will get that star from the level mixed-unit-tactics

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@PetrLuke whoops, my bad! :sweat_smile: I fixed it so you only need Boss Star II to beat the level.

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Dear Chaboi_3000
it works like a charm now!
seems your profile logo shown the way you do the things quickly
Thank you , it’s amazing experience to have such a codecombat fixes on the fly!


It seemed like gold-income wasn’t enough for Boss Star II users, so I must’ve set it to Boss Star III or above. I just pushed a fix so gold-income is high enough for Boss Star II users. Sorry if this caused any issues with gameplay!

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it’s crazy delays during peasant collection
want to collect like the good farmer:
take bottom left corner
move right
move up
move left
move up

and then repeat until all field is grabbed

you would wonder what my code does in real!
give a try
nothing close to expectations

created collection farmer style method

def iAmRich():
    friends = hero.findFriends()
    for v in range(len(friends)):
        friend = friends[v]
        if friend.type == "peasant":
            wide = 9
            longg = 46

            hero.command(friend, "move",  {"x":10, "y":14})

            for f in range(6):
                hero.command(friend, "move",  {"x":friend.pos.x + wide, "y":friend.pos.y})
                hero.command(friend, "move",  {"x":friend.pos.x, "y":friend.pos. y + longg})
                hero.command(friend, "move",  {"x":friend.pos.x - wide, "y":friend.pos.y})
                hero.command(friend, "move",  {"x":friend.pos.x, "y":friend.pos. y - longg})

also - the other code parts delays until peasant will do all the tries:

  • the summon method is low until you will force to spend all money to new troops
  • sad part with attack - it does nothing for 1/2 troops
def commandSoldiersAndP():
    friends = hero.findFriends()
    for v in range(len(friends)):
        friend = friends[v]
        enemy = friend.findNearestEnemy()
        if enemy and friend.type != "peasant":
            hero.command(friend, "attack", enemy)

seems there’s too much control for browser?

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even this simple code goes very strange:
it makes the peasant shake like dance, on a single point near the hero

        longg = 20
        if friend.type == "peasant":
            leftX = hero.pos.x
            if friend.pos.y > hero.pos.y + 5:
                hero.command(friend, "move",  {"x":leftX, "y":hero.pos.y - longg})
            if friend.pos.y < hero.pos.y - 5 :
                hero.command(friend, "move",  {"x":leftX, "y":hero.pos.y + longg})
                hero.command(friend, "move",  {"x":leftX + 7, "y":hero.pos.y - longg})
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even better!

        if friend.type == "peasant":
            hero.command(friend, "move",  {"x":9, "y":59})
            hero.command(friend, "move",  {"x":17, "y":15})

the peasant is shaking badly on the bottom right corner of the gold field

simple attempt:

 if friend.type == "peasant":
            item = friend.findNearestItem()
            if item:
                hero.command(friend, "move", {"x":item.pos.x,"y":item.pos.y})

makes shake of all the friends, like they are being acted by electricity

I have got the killing strike reason!

while hero.gold >= 60:

that does all the bad story.

updating that with a simple “soldier” goes game to behave normal

That seems some internal extra-delays by the immediate 3 executions

I have tried the 6 summon sequentially - then eveything stopped after 1st pack summoned

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Hmm. It seems like you make things a lil’ complicated here. To keep things simple:

  1. You should summon an even mix of soldiers and archers.
  2. Position soldiers ahead of archers so soldiers tank the damage
  3. Command the peasant “move” to the nearest “coin.pos”

The above should let you pass the level successfully.

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I did the lvl after a few tries and it was a lot of fun
i liked the change in the color of the ogres armour
it was a lot of fun and i loved it when pender said
“i’m impressed” thank you very much for this lvl


I liked the level! I even summoned a paladin in the level! Can you make more challenging levels in all the campaigns like The Trials?

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Good to hear! We’ll definitely try getting more “adventure combat” levels like The Trials and Stranded in the Dunes made, which players seem to enjoy most.


although something i noticed just now is that the ogres wore the same armour as the peaceful tribe in the backwoods forest lvl passing through did they get insulted by some other hero who failed the lvl and turn evil?

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nah its just to show whos on whos side @TEO

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There are 3 teams.
Humans, Ogres, and Nuetral.
Pender is just summoning nuetral units.
By defeault, humans attack both ogres and nuetral, ogres attack humans and nuetral, and nuetral attack both humans and ogres.
If you go to the level where there are peaceful ogres, you can actually find them with findNearestEnemy()
Humans is no better then ogres.
It’s just a team.
So nuetral isn’t better then ogres or humans.
All teams are equal.
findEnemies() just returns an array of units that aren’t on your team.
The ogres in the level are just peons.(the peaceful ogres level)
They can’t attack anyways.
If they did show up at the ogre base, since they are team nuetral, the ogres would probably just attack them lol. Same thing if they showed up at humans base.
They aren’t team humans, so they would just get attacked by humans.

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nah im pretty sure the ai for neutral is to auto attack ogres but will attack humans if provoked(just think of a Minecraft iron golem)

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