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@Archion why are you spamming likes on all the posts

I wana get the Higher love and the crazy in love badges

You are ruining the point of badges. Don’t do this. I get a freaking notification every time you like a post I have and it’s so annoying. My entire notification column is filled with your like notifications.

Ok @Enderlord832 is (#Super Sorry)

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Ok dude, don’t spam that in every topic, or I’ll go crazy. The only reason I did it on mine was because I needed to know how people felt in the forum, and that’s the last survey, for now. So try not to spam polls, and btw you should try changing the rating to how was this level, which is far more helpful, than just doing polls on topics.

I’m starting to get annoyed by my profile saying that I have 30 or something notifications and they have a bunch of likes.

Dude stop, I get so many notifications and I can’t get through replies that are asking for help. And also stop spamming likes ok. It’s ruining the point of badges and spamming our notification box. So please stop

I think you’re right about the spamming @Chaboi_3000 but you have the crazy in love badge so you must have spammed a lot of notification boxes for that and other people have told @Archion to stop doing random things to get badges but you got the campaigner badge by inviting other accounts of yourself and then getting them to like you so can we just cut Enderlord a bit of slack seeing that other people have done the things which they’re are now objecting to.

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Nah, I chose wisely which posts are actually good. Which took me a year to get the badge

Ok @Archion did a lot of spam stuff, and random ones, staff might need to mute him

But the badge is to give 50 likes in one day 20 times, so how did that take a year? It would be cool to be able to spread out the likes over a year and get the badge but I’m pretty sure you can’t. (and who gave Super Smacker the title? please just tell me if you know)

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Im so sorry guys i didn’t mean to disturb anyone, I was being foolish and i blame myself for it :sob:

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Don’t worry it’s fine all you need to do is to like only when you actually like a post if you know what I’m saying, but if you do want to give likes I don’t mind at all, in fact I would quite like it; so if you want to like my posts, that’s fine. Just don’t be sad you haven’t done anything wrong, just a small mistake.


Thanks @Deadpool198 i appreciate it

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I’m always here to help anyone who thinks they’ve done something bad when really it’s not that bad, I think Chaboi and the others were making a little bit of a big deal out of it, in my opinion, so I just wanted to point out that it really isn’t that bad and you don’t need to get sad and feel that everyone thinks you’ve done something bad and are shunning you because they’re not at all.

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Just be active 6 hours a day looking over posts.

Btw why are you so desperate to know who gave supersmacker his title?

Just curious, no real reason.


Deadpool198 probably wants the title too :stuck_out_tongue: (btw how come i can’t see the title in the title selector)

Gosh you just had to put a question mark after user :frowning: