Birthdays and Cake Days

Happy birthday, @abc! :birthday:


Happy birthday @abc !

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Happy Birthday abc! :partying_face:

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Thanks guys! i dont eat cake tho @ZAX155

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Oh then eat whatever it is that you eat.

Happy cakeday @RiceRunner !

Happy birthday @CocoCharlie!! :partying_face: (Even though you’re not here and it’s the end of the day.)

And happy cake day @RiceRunner. (Even though it’s still the day before for me, it’s your anniversary for you.)

Happy birthday @CocoCharlie! :birthday:
Happy cake day, @RiceRunner! :cake:

Happy cakeday @RiceRunner! :cake:
Happy birthday @CocoCharlie! :birthday:

Thanks everyone!
Happy Birthday @CocoCharlie
Funny coincidence :smile:


Happy cake day @RiceRunner
Happy cake day @CocoCharlie


Happy late cake day @RiceRunner :]
Happy late birthday @CocoCharlie :)

Happy Birthday @098765432123 !

Happy birthday Numberz! :birthday:

Happy birthday Numberz :birthday: :]