Everything pm creation

btw @TheCodingCrusader22 done some research that sometimes pms don’t work out so imma make some rules and make sure this stays civilizes if that’s okay

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Yea thats fine but debate must be allowed as long as it’s civil

please remove vote once added :sob:
also you didn’t add piano justaluke did 30 mins ago

I just realized that. I thought the order of people at the top of the on was the order at which they where added which has been proven wrong

no that was just what was on the top of the pm

Another one @TheCodingCrusader22 ?

Can you make it I’m at a wedding reception so it will be too much work to do it on my mom’s phone

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ok done (20000000 chars)

Add me I’m not in it

Did you add me? Cuz I’m not on in it

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Done :+1: (20 charsss)

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@iggymaster99 I’m abouta slap you

He’s not been active so he probably doesn’t know

The last everything PM ran out of capacity

Has anyone made one? I can make another one.

If someone did please invite me

nvm we still need like 50 replies

dont we already have like 4 of these? but ok

Enkya is the only active one

I think he was talking about debates