I need help with Sarven Treasure! Python

Hey guys! Sorry it took so long. I had to do exactly 2 quizes, one assignment, and one art project, so, basically it took me forever. So, @Eric_Tang and @Deadpool198, can you help me now?

the telporters are the big red xs

I know @cheddarcheese

Well, there’s only so much advice I can give you for these levels. It’s all about your tactics. Make sure you’re using the best equipment for this level (fast boots) Maybe you might want to use flags for the teleporters (trying to do it without flags is… probably too hard for you at the moment, no offence, it’s just really hard.)
You could also write a findBestCoin function to find the best coin with something like value/distance, or value * distance from enemy?
You could write a Vector() function to avoid the blade things, but that would also be quite hard.

Um, @Deadpool198? I have Vector()'s but I have no idea what they are!

try watching @nick use vectors to dodge them it is impressive

here is the link
nicks cool dodging vidio

Hmm, so you’ve completed Kelvintaph Defiler, but not Circle Walking or Skating Away. Strange… Ah well, Vectors aren’t essential, but they would certainly help.