Javascript: Ice Hunter Help

How much HP do you have?Maybe it is not enough

1966 gems (20 characters)
sorry, 1471 hp

Which sword/arbalet/magic do you have?

Have your if enemy statement inside of the if isSubstring statement, then while the enemy’s health is greater than zero, attack the enemy.

I have the long sword.

the problem is that I tested his code and it worked

You need a much better sword than that to kill yaks.

I tested your code, @sci12 with long sword and it worked

Can you provide a screenshot of your equipment and gems?

send me the pictire of your equpment, please

Sure, here it is.
Screenshot 2021-01-27 at 12.19.11 PM

Get Worn Dragonplate helmet.

are you sure you have 1471 hp with such weak armor?

I recommend using chain lightning

can you buy a better sword?like, the sword of forgotten?

I tried chain lighting but it woke the yeti.

ok, I give up))) Maybe @Deadpool198 can help?

I got the helmet but I still fail! (Also, I only 66 gems left.)

Your code works perfectly fine for me. Even with weaker armor ad a weaker sword.

and for me too.weird that it does not works for you @sci12