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Level: Woodland Cleaver


Cool. But remember if you are stuck on a level, before you post again, format your cofe according to the FAQ.



Hi, i used this code on python! Hope it works for you!

[don’t post correct code, please]


Hi, I did it If you are having trouble cop this code and boom you are done!

[Don’t post solutions]


This is the answer is worked yayay
rlly easy

(Solution removed)


@Zprouknowme Please read the two posts above yours.

No one posts finished/working code here. We just post our bugged/not working code and then people offer suggestive hints to repair it in order to make the person think and learn. If we all posted our working/completed code, then no one would be forced to use their brain and learn anything. It is not helpful to just give people the answers. Please delete your post.


This level was too easy.


i cant do this level at all I’ve tried everything i use python


i cant do it :frowning:


save yourselves, code for woodland cleaver

Use your new “cleave” skill as often as you can.

(Solution removed)


@vans Your solution was removed due to the above post.