Sarven Brawl 4 help! {Python}

ok, @riticmaster9087, but how do you make sure that consecrate is ready?

their is no cooldown of consecrate I think
so this is op

while True:

or do get cooldown or is ready

not just dmg to skeletons even other enemies

also please do not ask the same question is 2 different topics

thanks @cheddarcheese! and ok I won’t anymore @riticmaster9087!

no they changed it to skeletons only btw

ok @cheddarcheese? (20)

Oh, man! So I bought Order of the Paladin for nothing?

but heals other allies

by 50 health per second

an has no cooldown
use with griffins commanded to defend your hero and that is op

yeah, that parts true. I thought it could kill every enemy within 10 meters of my hero! :sob:

Hey guys! Since I finished every single level in CodeCombat, do you think I should start over? What do you think @riticmaster9087, or @Deadpool198?

ok, I am going to start over and you can ignore all my posts and stuff

Have you done all the bonuses

yeah @Eric_Tang!!!

also I didn’t restart yet

@Eric_Tang? Are U there?

Sorry I’m busy today

can you tell me if I should restart by progress?