Sarven Siege help! Language: Python or Javascript

Hello! I need help with Sarven Siege! Code:

while True:
    enemy = hero.findNearestEnemy()
    item = hero.findNearestItem()
    if item:
    if >= 60:
        hero.moveXY(84, 22)
        hero.moveXY(84, 51)
        hero.moveXY(83, 77)

My soldiers are not strong enough. Help! I am not a subscriber; I have the hero: Sir Tharin Thunderfirst. Here’s my equipment:

So, help! You might want to reply now or tomorrow. By the way, I have finished all the non-subscriber levels!

You can just delete the colecting gold and summoning soldier part. you just need to attack the munchkins head on

one problem. I am on Sarven SIege Level 5! They are not just munchkins, they are ogres and fangriders! @Eric_Tang! Sorry I replied late; I was doing math homework because I only in the third grade

Ok than sorry I can’t help

but you have to do something! Can you help me with Sarven Treasure? Here’s the link: I need help with Sarven Treasure! Python

please don’t force/push people to help you they will help you if they can


also i realise in your code when it is above or equal 60 you move to 3 positions over and over
maybe try and change that?
edit: it moves from the bottom to top and then continues collecting then when its 60 or over it goes from bottom to top again

and which stage are you on? @The_Master_Coder

I need a link to the level @The_Master_Coder

i would recomend the fastest hero you have if you wan t to collect gold and i would recomend going to the middle one cuz the other towers will be spammed by ogres

Maybe Hattori Hanzo, Illia, Ritic or Amara ArrowHead

He’s on stage five 20 chars

well in that case Illia or Hattori Hanzo

He’s not a sub either

when you ask for help on a level please put the link with the code and the problem and maybe even send a screen shot of the issue that will help all of the people who want to help you with the level @The_Master_Coder ok? thanks.

hmm maybe he can use tharin with speed ring? and try to soldiers like this:

while true:
    item = hero.findNearestItem()
    if >= 20:
        hero.moveXY(x, y)
    elif item:

I did use Tharin with the Speed Ring @cheddarcheese!

did you try using my code?

wait, I am using it now

doesn’t work. Sorry @cheddarcheese!