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[SOLVED] Greed Traps Map - Help


But he gets the swiftness spell, so it works. I tried and succeeded.


Yes, equipping with faster boots should work also.


Maybe he is too big and accidentally collects the coins?


Not sure of the logic as to why you won’t get a success, but too slow does seem to be the root cause and therefore has a work around.


:open_mouth: I remember that happened on double queue; Okar was weirdly saying “I feel mightier!” He was actually just picking up the swords instead of giving them to the peasants, so I switched to pender, who was much smaller, and succeeded.


Interesting :thinking:


His physical width, length, and depth is larger than the other heroes(I think). So I think that might be the issue. Let’s just restrict him in some levels and problem solved!

JK. I’ll fix the referee coding to fix the speed. @ducky, can you tell me some levels you are seeing this bug on? I can configure a set speed on it so all heroes can pass. Thanks!


Slowness of Okar on Brewball, Circle Walking, Zig Zag and Zoom. I might edit more; I haven’t done all levels.