Sorcerer's blitz need help

That’s understandable. School can be hard work without extra projects. Take your time. But I hope you get back to coding eventually. :slightly_smiling_face:


well, they are fast. I’ve seen that from secondary students. I’m just a primary


Oh I just found out you’re from HK. Did you join the ICE challenge?

Of course! (20chars)

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I must have seen you in hkpc. That ICE challenge is just so unlucky for me, I got fourth place in secondary :poop:

Good luck on getting gold award! I see your name quite high

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hero.findNearest doesn’t exist, you have to make your own function.

Anyone just please tell me how to turn a collector into a runner

Oh also I’m currently in 445th place :grinning: but I just don’t know how to turn a collector into a runner I really want to be able to use a thief.