Tomb Raider - code help - what are functions - lua default code for level

@LordMaddog I have been working on updating levels to support LUA better.

I would recommend writing the functions for lua this way:

local attackEnemy = function()

Here is a LUA function help that I wrote since it was not yet implemented:

This way you can call the function later just by writing attackEnemy(). With the way that it is being written now you would most likely need to change your line of code to local a = attackEnemy() which I am guessing is not what you wan to do.

  1. The "Door" with quotation marks " means a door named “Door”. The Door without quotation " marks means to reference the value stored in a local variable named Door.
    As in local Door

  2. Your end statements may be out of place, double check them as well.

Finally if there are a bunch of levels without LUA please let me know, I have been adding them to a todo list to start updating to add in new code and hint files.