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Topic for Chess

I will ne down to play you at like lets say 3? Would that be ok? Let me know your username.

This is my profile: SongPlayz - Chess Profile -
I’m an intermediate sort of …

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Here is mine everyone!

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I am available to play chess if anyone wants to. I play live chess. you choose the time limit.

I will be available to play until 4 because I am playing Risk (On the PlayStation 4) with my dad.

I am quite an awfull player But I would love a challenge GADV - Chess Profile -

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Everyone’s Chess Profiles:

@.QinWentian = GADV - Chess Profile -
@.Rachel699 = rachel-is-cool - Chess Profile -
@.Deadpool198 = Deadpool198 - Chess Profile -
@.milton.jinich = MiltonRocks - Chess Profile -
@.098765432123 = NinjaBoy1122 - Chess Profile -
@.Lydia_Song = SongPlayz - Chess Profile -
@.Code_Master = Someome Someone (cookie_checkmate) - Chess Profile -

Tell me if I missed you! :smiley:


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20 character

My profile:
My profile

(hehe, I use my codecombat avatar)


I sent a friend request to you @QinWentian and @milton.jinich.

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Hiii! I play chess too! My username is fierybishop.


Sent a friend request!

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Sent one back! 20 chars what is this

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So 20 characters is a way to prevent people from spamming.

I just signed up!
so yeah…

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What is your username @CocoCharlie?

Anyone down to play?

it’s cococharlie. but you can’t do anything I found so I might not really do much with it.

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Sent a friend request @CocoCharlie.

Check out this awesome game for me! (I am black)