Yoooooo new level in dungeon check it out!

yooooooooo check it out:


Which level is it?(20 chars)

And what are the sword’s stats?

Yup. It’s our August limited-time subscriber challenge. :slight_smile: You can check more about it here:


Could you make a non subscriber limited time challenge soon? Maybe at the rate of one per year and time 1 week.

Limited time challenges are all going to be subscribers-only.

Too bad :frowning_face:(20 characters)

Maybe non subscribers can play the limited time challenge for the first week it’s released but no item reward.

sorry this was I think arready discused

Yes!!! Completed the lvl just now! This. Is AMAZING!!!

I just subbed yesterday, and I unlocked a buncha heroes.


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Let’s gooooo!! Yeah

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I always knew I had to subscribe forever when it was possible. And now I lose so many events. :joy:


haha that’s funny

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Could anyone tell me what makes dungeon raider so hard?

I completed it. it IS a decent sword. I like it.

oh answer to ur question is you have to navigate it and the trick is it cancels any actions u were gonna do when you enter a new area.