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A Fine Mint - Ran out of time



Just want to report a bug in the in the level “A Fine Mint”. The solution is given in this post, however I see that it is a very old post (almost one year) and it is not fixed yet.

I am using:
OS: Windows 10
Browser: Google Chrome.

I had the same problem, the hero is picking the coins and attacking the enemies but the goal keep showing: Ran out of time. Just like the picture below:

The instruction for this level are to write our own function for the attackEnemy, due the the pickUpCoin one is already written, however, this one is incorrect (or for somehow is not working) It is supposed we don’t need to change this code, pickUpCoin() function is given by default.

What should be changed is:
hero.moveXY(coin.pos.x, coin.pos.y)
hero.move({'x':coin.pos.x, 'y':coin.pos.y})

Btw, I have now idea the meaning of this line at this point…

Please, help to fix this issue, so the new “Adventurers” wont have problems.



Try using faster hero.


I don’t think he subscribed, so he probably can’t get a different hero.


you have to delete the part which says # uncomment this line.


Or, if not already equipped, the Speed Ring could be used. Also, boots have different speeds, so he could use different boots.


Thanks for your replies.

Maybe a faster hero will work or with a different equipment. I am using the default equipment that is required and running the code as is instructed. Not really sure if in this “game” we need to figure out this kind of things by ourselves…