A Fun Level To Try Out!


Solved it the easy way, nice level, like how you gave the headhunters infinite health!

(after a while razor discs take up so much space tho, thank goodness for no lag XD)


i kinda copied your game and made it better, sorry if i broke any copyright laws but have fun with this anyways. it’s called “easier than it sounds”. it’s really not XD

no spoilers plz, i want everyone to have fun with this on their own :slight_smile:

do i have to publish it for it to work?


I think so, I got an error loading


Level published.
(aargh this 20 character limit, i understand why but still!!)


I won!

I don’t want to give spoilers but I didn’t have to type anything lol =)


Ya it was made that way, like a troll
BTW did you check the headhunter names?


The names are: meme overload, LOL, XD, and Trolled: what the heck?

Thus the health is a trillion over (e^i*pi) + 1, or 0.


Lol I did not xD that’s awesome


I died :frowning:

(guess how I managed to die even though razor disks do no damage)


How is it better though?

cuz you have autoplay set to true, so people realize that the razor disks do no damage.

Also, most people would press Play even if they think that their hero would die.

Some people might not solve my level (can’t find the trick) but most people would solve yours just by experimentation xd


That’s it. It’s a troll. The headhunters deal no damage XD


Can you figure out how I managed to die?


you built a bunch of fire traps and ran into them??


No. (20 characters)

Didn’t have anything to build with.


I don’t know, how did you die?


Ran right into a headhunter and got bashed to death


Should I create a bonus task? Killing all the headhunters? (I’ll reduce their health, don’t worry)


Sure why not (ban all the ranger and wizard heroes)


Sent you a patch for the bonus task


Oh yea, also ban boss star 2-5 because then you can summon griffins, archers, and artillery to bomb the headhunters.