A Fun Level To Try Out!

I’ve created a level named “Dodge Master”

The content of the level is pretty self-explanatory.

You are trapped, with four headhunters, in the desert completely surround with boulders. There is no escape.

The headhunters’ razor disks are completely deadly, guaranteed to kill any enemy that touches it.

You will have to survive for 30 seconds. Can you do it?

If you believe you can, click the link below:

If you beat the level, don’t comment how you feel at the moment. Directly message me all the feedback you have. (don’t comment down below)

If you have questions, then you can comment down below.

This is because I expect that the comments will give away the solution, which will ruin the fun of the level :wink:

Most important of all, have fun!

Want to submit some patches? Click the link below:

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Your link is letting me edit your level?

I think you wanted https://codecombat.com/play/level/dodge-master?dev=true


(Also sorry for adding grass to your level)

Sorry Wrong link. Fixed now. :smiley:

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If you did not submit a patch where you added the grass to my level, then the edits will not register globally.

So all is good :smiley:

Have fun!

btw this is more of a “try something then give up then try something else and finally realize how easy it really is” sort of level.

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Nice lol, I gave it a quick go! Seems like a good puzzle =)

Solved it yet? :slight_smile:

Actually I shouldn’t ask that.

I know you haven’t solved it yet. If you did, you would be raging and smashing your keyboard right now xD

Haha I actually went back to missions, I plan on checking all of these out once I’m done the game xD

I solved it (the easy way) :wink:

Solved. :slight_smile:
<20 characters>

Solved it the easy way. Then solved it the hard way.

Solved it the easy way :grinning:

solved it the really easy way.


What’s the easy way?

It isn’t possible to do it “the hard way”

You have to use the easy way :wink:

btw u weren’t supposed to kill the headhunters (forgot to give them infinite health)

@Chaboi_3000 shhh delete your post

magic? as in the “kill the headhunters” way?

I tried detecting incoming objects and stuff lol never thought of that way though xD I did go for the headhunter but didn’t make it to them before dying

I gave the headhunters 1234567890 health now, so u cant kill them :slight_smile:

Before, you can scattershot them and kill them, but not anymore :smiley:


By the way, is there a way to restrict gear by categories? (Like restricting everything in the weapon section)

Also, I’m creating a different level (Math related :slight_smile: ) How do I detect what the hero says?

I don’t know, but maybe you can go visit some of the official CodeCombat levels that use that technique and take a look at the referee code??
(sorry, I’m a big noob at level creating and all my previous attempts have failed)

Could you put it as an event handler (onHear)? if/else/for/switch/case/default statement? variable? parameter/arguement? I’ve honestly never tried