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About Eagle Eye level


i did everything but i cant finish this level. What is the right codes? can someone send me please?


Instead of asking for code describe your problem and I’m sure we’ll be able to help you :slight_smile:

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What code do you have so far?

What part of the problem is causing you problems?


Here is my problem : I need to codes for pass the level. But i cant write right codes i didnt understand this level. so i need codes. please can u guys write here codes? Thank you…

png :


@ArdaAltun See if this post helps: Need help Eagle Eye level - Lua


my english is not good so i dont understand what are u sayin in there so i need codes sorry :frowning:


how can i send u message? pls i need your help


We don’t give solutions as a forum policy. This has already been mentioned in this thread and explicitly stated in the linked post.

See the FAQ — I need help with my code! for tips on receiving help.

Also, I already gave half of the solution in the linked post, if you translate the code to Python you should be good to go.

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if you are still having problems i can help. so far its good but the two lines are messing you up.

doAttack = target

its not doattack, its "shouldattack().
copy and paste the end of line 6 and put it where “doattack” should be.

if doAttack:

again, its not “doAttack” its shouldattack(). if you need more help, i made a topic on this,