Something is wrong

The first level of the game development section wont work for me. I am using the lua language and when I try to change it, it doesn’t work. Do you guys have any suggestions on what I can do to fix it?

Something i have found is that when you try to change a language, after you have started a assignment using a different language, you usually have to complete that level before it changes. As for you’re problem, i’m not entirely sure, obviously your code is fine.

If you changed that language you need to click that button in the right corner that says restart and the code with refresh.

I tried multiple times

Can’t u do it in lua or do u have to use another language

Hmmmm, Idk I havent tryed it in lua yet but when I do I’ll tell you what the resaults are.

Thats odd, It’s not letting me change the languege.

See It doesn’t work. Maybe its just a bug or something.

When I logged back in the first lvl was in python and second but the third is in lua.
I dont think that the game development section can be done in lua.

Okay. That solves it. lol

Khaled is correct. The game development cannot be done in LUA or in CoffeeScript.

You were able to change the language back to Python or JavaScript? If not, email with your account’s email address and let me know I need to fix it for you.