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[Adventurer] Center Formation

Center Formation

Please include any feedback so we can get it ready for public release!


The default code works for me.

The top right soldier breaks the symmetry :slight_smile: As the ex-military, I can’t watch this without divine anger!


I have noticed that the levels in the second game development campaign don’t load up with Javascript and when I try to change my hero it won’t allow me to choose a new one or javascript… In the first game development I was able to play with Javascript.

The python code comments break and cause a word fracture to occur:

When i click an a soldier i cant move it…it doesnt do anything!! Why??

Should they move? Have you solved levels before it in Game Dev?

@Wona Are you trying to play CodeCombat like other RTS games? Clicking on a unit will not allow you access to moving it. You will need to write code to make that happen. The game plays from the standpoint of the hero. So clicking on a spot will move the hero to that spot and clicking on a enemy will make the hero attack that enemy.

There is no action when clicking on a troop yet to my knowledge like what @Bryukh said.

it was confusing . because the task is // Now use unit.moveXY - but I don’t have this METHODS in the list on the right.

So I tried to use spawnXY - and it was Success!