[Adventurer] Chokepoint



Game Dev 2

Please include any feedback so we can get this level ready for public release!

List of items and levels

No problem with this level, the code works as expected.


The part
# Else, move the unit back to it's starting x and y.
is not necessary. unit.attack is enough without returns to the start point.

Maybe we can add some ogre guards (throwers) who attacks soldiers if they are too close.


Seems good. I cannot play in in Javascript mode as with the other levels.


it keeps saying : “Line 7: TypeError: Cannot read property ‘target’ of undefined”
can someone help please?

P.S. The duck is getting very annoying.


If you would like assistance, please post the code you have so far. Remember to use the </> button or the code won’t retain the original formatting and we can’t see the structure.