[Adventurer] Cluttered Corridors


The Mountain level Cluttered Corridors is ready for playtesting!

This level is the second level about lower/upper case methods.


I completed the level just fine, didn’t find bugs/errors.


My only issue is that I don’t remember the command to assign the onHear method to my pet and can’t find it in the help or the function list. If I was doing a chain of these levels back to back, would be no problem, but it has been too long since I had to write this command! Need pet documentation in our palette!


Yeah, sometimes I forget it too :slight_smile: I hope it will be there soon.


completed the level without issue

added a LUA patch


pet run too fast in my code


I have to add


I suppose it’s another problem. I think your pet hears your hero instead statues. Try to remove “say”




sorry, I find my mistake

pet.on(“hear”, onHear);

i place code inside of While Loop


I know that this thread is old but I believe this belongs here. My code seems to be fine but the baby Griffin floats too far so he will get stuck in a hall and say “I can’t get there” or sometimes it’ll even float right off the top of the playing field.
Any ideas?


Yeah, it’s a problem with flying units (and pets). The best way here to use “ground” pet.