[Adventurer] Gardener

The level Gardener is ready for testing.

It’s Mountain level from Geometry series. Let’s continue to improve your flower skills.


completed level without issue

submitted LUA patch

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Thanks, Harry!


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How do you do this level?


Hello Demented-Pufferfish. Welcome to the CodeCombat discourse! :tada:
You can access the level here.
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Please post your code, and we’ll help you from there.

What I mean is when they ask you to go to the to any corner of the square.

We need square flower fences around the statues.

This function should make a square with the certain side

around the center {cx, cy} point.

def growSquare(cx, cy, side):
# Move to any corner of the square.
hero.moveXY(cx, cy)
# Start growing.
# Now move to all other corners one by one.
# Use clockwise or countercloclwise order.

# Don't forget to return in the first corner.

# Stop growing.

The keeper will tell you where to grow flowers.

keeper = hero.findNearest(hero.findFriends())
points = keeper.pointsForWork

All squares should have the same size.

squareSize = 8

We don’t need excess flowers.


for pos in points:
# Don’t forget complete this function.
growSquare(pos.x, pos.y, squareSize)

Please learn to post your code correctly. The way it is now, we can’t see the structure. Help us help you. It’s very easy to do and just takes a tiny bit of effort. Please read this topic and format your code again correctly


You can choose any statue and any of the different points around the statue to start. The goal is to encircle each statue with flowers.

The phrase any corner of the square is in reference to the concept that there are four dots around the statues that form a “square”, and that you can start at any point, just as long as you create a circle of flowers around the statue.