[Adventurer] Sacrificial Protection


This is another challenge level made by me, and it requires more still than the other levels I made. Good luck in finishing this level and be sure to PM me solutions! Please do not post solutions here because that’ll ruin the fun. Sacrificial Protection Level Link
There is a village you need to protect:

There is your army:

The forces that are trying to destroy your village:

Good luck!!!


You said that you have to protect the village, but it never said that you have to protect the peasants in the goals.


XD this is still in beta test :stuck_out_tongue:


Also, am I able to command the ice dude?


No the kith is an uncommandable ally


You can set him to be commandable by the hero tho (if you wanted to)


You could but you can only command units with Boss Stars. (use boss star 9000?)


The headhunters shoot razor disks which would miss my archers but would go past us and destroy the peasants. I won with 444 health


Kith is just a random thang so there’s no way you can command him even if he’s set to be commandable.


Seems like too many people are beating it, I’ll make it harder :stuck_out_tongue:


@SuperSmacker added goal thanks!


Oof. That’ll be hard.


Summon troops to defend the peasants.


It’s the razordisks that worry me the most.


XD I added soldiers with the peasants so make them get hit. Don’t let them go fight


Managed to do it without the soldiers.

Beated your updated version by changing one line of code xD


Oh god that’s quick, I’ll make the enemy a “bit” stronger


:frowning: give me some time to enjoy my victory, dude!


XD good luck with this!! You’ll prob not notice it tho.


Beat it. Easy. Didn’t need soldiers.