[Adventurer] Underground Business

Hi! Here is a new level to demonstrate one of the future coolest (there are many opinions and hot battles about who is the coolest pet) pet – the Mimic chest!

Underground Business is not a hard level if you remember how to handle by pets.


Level is for Subscribers only.
Is it intentional?


Hm, can you play it without subscribtion? I thought adventure mode ignore “subscribers” checking.

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Apparently not, I couldn’t access it until I logged in either.

Was a fun level, that is a pretty powerful pet!


Any speed buff ruin “Item collection” skill of the pet. ( items speed is too slow, so they “detach” )
Task IS - have 300 gold not collect 300 so it prevents some interesting solutions. ( “6 ( 340 )” do not count as success )
Update: It seems like work of external peasants not count anyway, so no problem here

Are you fix -damage in Damage done counter?
seems like it still count last hit -damage
If that so wizards at big disadvantage.

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Yep. It’s ok. It’s overpowered enough to allow “speedy magnet”.


Yes, negative damage is counted, corpse damage - not counted.

They have time-based levels advantages and damage-taken, so let warriors have something.

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I was able to get into the level just fine.

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Yes, you can adventure on if you are logged in and subscribed. If you have not logged in yet, it will ask you to subscribe. If you are not subscribed, you should not be able to play the level.

Either that, or @Bryukh has allowed all users access to the level through the link

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I like this level, and that pet is amazing. But I’d like to suggest that the Quartz Sense Stone is a required item. I spent a very long time trying to figure out why hero.gold wasn’t working.

There are other ways to win the level of course, but since the level literally asks for 300+ gold, the assumption is that hero.gold is the way to go, and I had forgotten it’s attached to an item.