[Adventurer] Uneasy Truce

The level Uneasy Truce is ready for testing!

This level is intended to introduce the append() (Python) and push() (JavaScript) methods for adding items to the end of an array. It takes place in the middle of the Cloudrip Mountain campaign.


I can`t change to Python.

I initially failed this level because I thought we’re supposed to find the friends in the south. Use findSouthernUnits to get enemies to the south => I thought we’re supposed to lure the enemies to go to the south? :stuck_out_tongue: Sorry, English is not my first language. I don’t know how to improve the comment/direction though.

Forget soldiers, let’s use archers to clear out the north!


completed level without issue (javascript)

added LUA patch

  • unfortunately I had to add movement code in LUA for the Hero to prevent a infinite loop error

You can click “Game Menu”. It’s at the top of the level interface, and there will be a tab titled “Change Hero”. You can change the programming language on the dropdown that appears under the heroes. :slight_smile:

(Is it called a dropdown?)