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[Adventurer] Vision of Ogres


Mountain level here: Vision of Ogres

One more level combines concept from previous levels about string methods.


‘Overview’ body:

lowerWord[len(lowerWord)-1] # The first  letter

Correct is The last letter


Thanks. Fixed.



Good to know:

  • elements of hero.findEnemies() are objects
  • is a string
  • use split(" ") in python(not split() as in real python)
  • use toLowerCase() in python (not lower() as in real python)


It was in previous levels. And I’m surprised about that “ is a string” it was in many levels before.


Finished without issue

submitted patch


Thank you again, Harry!


Actually, there is a problem. I was just testing the level out of curiosity, and I found out I can beat the level by simply attacking the nearest enemy. The level’s enemies needs to be converted from ogre with 120 health to brawlers with 500 health, so the player can’t afford to kill every brawler there is.


What the equipment are you using?


I am using tarnished bronze helmet and chestplate. The sword is kithsteel blade. No shield.


I used worn drag plate stuff and a kith steel blade and won with 50% health


without the helmet (must be 20 chars)


Thanks. I don’t think that convert to brawlers is a good idea, however I know how to fix it.