And, Now it's Rich Forager

So, first the issue was on Drop the Flag. It might have had a bug, as I had a string of code that it kept rejecting until one day, I clicked submit and it worked. The same thing is happening on Rich Forager. If it is not a bug and just my code, here is what I have:

    flag = self.findFlag()
    enemy = self.findNearestEnemy()
    item = self.findNearestItem()

    if flag:
    elif enemy:
    elif item:

Please help ASAP! Thanks, Owen21.

Never mind, its working again. But now, whenever I write a loop, it says that I have unexpectedly indented. I will then delete the indent, and what do you know, it tells me to indent.

It will say you have an unexpected indent until you start typing in that loop.