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Antipodes - This level is TOO easy to brute force


I can beat this level in two lines of code if I tell my hero to attack the warlock. Maybe that requires good equipment to do, although I don’t really think so since I survive with half my health and don’t have to use any abilities. But it gets worse - I can beat this level in 2 lines of code WITHOUT even using my hero. Just telling the archers to move forward and attack the warlock is enough to win.

Even though the level isn’t too complicated to do the “correct” way, I still don’t feel like it should be this easy to cheat on.


Really? I tried sending my archers to attack the warlock but the clones then started attacking and I failed the level. Same deal with the hero, I touched a clone and failed the level on the way to the warlock. Not sure what you did but I didn’t get the same result as you did.

Maybe it’s since I use a warrior. Did you use something different?


I used a warrior also. I can’t post the solution here, but it’s not complicated, just directly attack the warlock (hint hint). I could do it in 2 lines for both.


Could you send your username in CodeCombat? I will check it. It’s weird what you can win it only with archers.


My username is coolbeans14


Thanks! I see the problem. Agree, it’s not good. Will fix it soon.


I think I fixed it :slight_smile:


I can still beat it in 2 lines (technically 1 line) without using my hero. But it is a little trickier.


Could you send me your new solution?


Sure, unless you want to try to figure it out yourself. It’s a fun puzzle.


Thanks. I have enough puzzles. Now, I want to fix the problem if it exists. If your code is complicated, then it’s not a problem. We don’t limit advanced solutions.


All I had to do was with okar and the rune sword i just one shot the warlock.


Yeah you don’t even need Okar. You can also just attack him with archers but it’s a little trickier.


I tried with the archers. the clones attack me and kill my archers


If you want to beat it with archers you have to get a little creative :slight_smile: