Are you able to see what an enemy is saying?

I need it for a level… is there any way to see what it’s saying? Like enemy.message or something… (btw, enemy.message doesn’t work, I already tried owo)

Well I don’t think there is a way to tell what an enemy is saying

Update: doesn’t seem like there is, I used this:

const message = 'Collect gold';
const e = hero.findNearestEnemy();
const messageExists = Object.keys(e).filter(key => (function () {
    try { return e[key] } catch (error) { return false; }
})()).map(prop => e[prop]).indexOf(message) !== -1;

to filter all accessible properties and tried to find the message (which btw is incorrect here since I don’t want you to know the level)

Yeah, I don’t think so either

I’m not sure and I’m not the expert, but maybe something like that could be done. But by very pro coder.
I’ll try to find close topic a little bit later.

Maybe this would help or give hints or ideas…

Ooooh, good idea, to use the pet… hmm