Argument Error in code

This is the code i need you guys to help me debug:

numberX = int("endX")
numberY = int("endY")
hero.special("teleport", numberX, numberY)

The error is in the fourth line of the code, I need the x and y coordinate to be numbers. I don’t know how to put a number. I can only put a variable in the x and y coordinates. The first line of the code returns this array:

This is what comes up as the error:

Can You guys help me!
Kind Regards

endX is a property you get from calling the function, you can’t pass it, also int is an internal function and cannot be used on strings

So then how could i pass it as an integer because I want to be able to pass the value stored for endX and endY to be my values for the starting x and y?

You would, access the property from the first item in hero.findActiveAnomalies(), like hero.findActiveAnomalies()[index].endX